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Check-in/Check-out Policy:

Check-In Time: 1500hrs - 2000hrs     Check Out Time: 1100hrs


Early check-In or Late-Check out is subjected to room availability on the relevant day.

A levy ($75) is chargeable for early check-in from 7am to 2pm hours and late check-out from 11am to 5pm hours. A full room rate will be chargeable for check out after 5pm.

Room not occupied by 6pm (or scheduled flight) will be seen as No Show, resulting in full charge of reservation.

Cancellation Policy:

The following policies have been set due to the size of our hotel (5 rooms) and our limited ability to rebook rooms in a small northern community if travel changes. 

Guarantee by credit card:  Reservations will only be guaranteed on the basis of a completed credit card authorization form and a reservation number. If the reservation is made with a company, GN, or work credit card, be advised if any damage or loss of property occurs the reservation maker is liable.



Single room reservation must notify us by email of any cancellation or modification of the booking at least 14 days prior to arrival.

If the cancellation time has passed and we are not notified, please be advised the credit card will be charged as a no show for the full stay. If we are able to rebook the rooms on the canceled dates we will credit the reservation cost.


Group Booking (3+ rooms) must notify us by email of cancellation or modification to avoid any penalties. All group bookings that are not cancelled or modified within 30 days are subject to cover the cost of the full stay. If we are able to rebook the rooms on the dates of the group booking we will credit the reservation cost. Any unbooked rooms at the end of the period the group must cover.


No Show Policy:  No charge will be imposed for a no show if reason is due to weather or mechanical issues of the plane’s arrival into Cambridge Bay.  If weather or mechanical issues were factors in the no show from connecting travel, the hotel is to be informed prior to intended check in or full reservation fees apply.   If a booking is ultimately canceled due to the shortened trip (unable to arrive into Cambridge Bay), 50% of the reservation will be charged.


Early check-out: If a guest is checking out earlier they are still liable for the full stay.  We will try to rebook the room. For any nights we are unable to book, the checked out guest (or company/GN) is required to cover the cost. This will be taken from the credit card provided from the original reservation booking.


**No charge will be imposed if the hotel is able to rebook a room that has been cancelled or had an early check out**

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